Vox sponsors kosu

Vox Sponsors KOSU Radio

For 2019, Vox Audio Visual has announced a sponsorship for Public Radio's KOSU 91.7 in Oklahoma City and 107.5 in Tulsa..

"We believe that Public Radio is a great informational resource for Oklahoma and the United States at large. We are proud to help sponsor such programs as Fresh Air, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered as part of our own outreach into the community,” says Jeff Bezdek, Vox Audio Visual’s President.“

KOSU has also distinguished itself by launching partnerships with The Spy, which provides unique and local music programming. Being a company with a heavy emphasis on audio quality, we find the opportunity completely symbiotic.”

"We encourage our clients to tune in to 91.7 and 107.5 and enjoy some of the best programs America has to offer.” says Bezdek. More information about KOSU can be found at www.kosu.org

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