Savant System upgrade for smart homes includes controls for multiple video sources and eight audio zones

System Upgrades for Smart Homes

New Savant System upgrades for smart homes incorporate the latest features and solve existing issues.


Project Overview

Vox Audio Visual Elite Services installed several Savant System upgrades to incorporate new audio and video equipment, indoor and outdoor lighting controls, and security system for our customer's smart home.

Our customer's existing Savant System was operating erratically due to poor wiring, power problems, and antiquated equipment.

  • Video is now distributed throughout the home along with an addition of eight audio zones.
  • Cameras and security systems were fully integrated.
  • Outdoor lighting is now controlled by timers through the Savant System app.
  • Indoor lighting programmed with custom mood settings.
  • The newly upgraded system is controlled through the homeowners' iPhones and iPads.
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