Home Automation Gives Families Control and Peace at Their Fingertips

Smart Home Applications Give Families Control

Smart home applications by Vox Audio Visual Elite Services

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Imagine knowing exactly when your child comes home from school. Imagine the ability to remotely control how many hours of television that child can watch when you’re not home or what websites they can access.

Imagine knowing exactly when a door opens in the home and being able to see who is entering. For many families, having that control and reassurance is worth its weight in gold. It means they can have peace of mind that their children or pets are safe when they aren’t around.

Vox Audio Visual Elite Services partners Josh Fields and Matt Kuykendall were familiar with technology available for the commercial client but opened a residential service this March to give families the same access.

“We specialize in smart home applications for residential and commercial. We can install automated controls for houses, motion sensing technologies, timed services and literally anything you can think of, all of which you can control through your smartphone or tablet.”

Advanced camera systems and motion detection from Vox Audio Visual Elite Services

Monitor your home remotely with security cameras – a component of Vox Audio Visual Elite Services smart home applications.

Monitor your home remotlely with security cameras from Vox Audio Visual Elite Services

In addition to advanced camera systems and motion detection, families can also use technology to program heating and air, lights, television and Internet access and more. Though Josh and Matt wanted to open their own company to offer residential services, they joined forces with Jeff Bezdek of Vox’s commercial side.

“Accessing controls on doors and locations in the home at certain times is a big deal to families,” Matt says. “For instance, if your kid comes home from school at 3 p.m. but you get home at 5, you can be notified when a door opens and be able to see who is opening that door. You can have instant access to lock or open that door, or put access on a timer, which allows the home to be accessed at only certain times.”

lock and unlock doors remotely with automated door locks by Vox Audio Visual Elite Services

Lock and unlock doors remotely with automated door locks.


Josh says the integration of all the security systems is a big plus. Instead of having to use several programs or apps, all the technology can be integrated into one application that can be quickly accessed.

“Access control is such a concern for people,” he says. “You can also put all this on a schedule to grant access to people like the cleaning or landscape crew or your pet sitter if you are out of town.”

Overall, the technology gives peace of mind.

Home automated door locks by Vox Audio Visual Elite Services

Automated door locks provide peace of mind.


“It’s all about knowing what is happening in your home when you aren’t there and being able to control it,” Matt says. “For families with kids or pets, that’s an even bigger concern.”

Installing a smart home control system is quite simple and can be done in phases.

“It’s easy as calling us and scheduling an appointment for us to come out and do a consultation,” Matt says. “That way, we can help you decide what the priority is and what options are available.”


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