Savant Systems Installation for Oklahoma City and Edmond by Vox Audio Visual Elite Services

Professional Savant Systems Installation

Professional Savant Systems installation by Vox Audio Visual Elite Services.


Project Overview

Vox Audio Visual Elite Services is an authorized Savant Systems installer and dealer. Our client was looking for a simple, easy to use solution to watch TV and listen to music, and it was important to be able to listen to their music in the evenings and when they entertain by the pool.

Our team installed a small Savant System control solution to operating the living room AV, pool audio, garage door control, and gate access control.

Project Details

A simple to use Savant Systems handheld remote and Savant mobile app now controls their entire AV system as well as their garage door and gate access device.

We also helped set them up with Savant music to stream Pandora and integrate it into some Savant Scenes for easy control.

All equipment is protected by SurgeX power equipment.

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