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Hot New Trends to Modernize Your Home in 2019

Vox Audio Visual and Ccontrols Gets Modern with Savant, Other New Products


Article Heide Brandes | Photography Cindy Ritchie

Homes are getting “smarter,” and in 2019, new technology and devices will continue to make life easier.

Trends to watch for in the coming year range from greater connectivity across all technology and devices in the home and more options to use Smart Home devices and products that are coming on the market.

Once just a novelty, homeowners today are demanding new and innovative products that are not only user-friendly and convenient but also improve security in the home.

Vox Audio Visual and Controls partners Josh Fields and Matt Kuykendall say the best new home automation products for 2019 include improvements on existing technology.

“Savant just released a new door and gate station with their latest update. Also, there is a new USAI lighting partnership with an array of lighting control from switches to bulbs and LED strips,” Josh says. “Home automation can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. The great part about automation through Savant is how intuitive it is.”

One of the biggest advantages of Savant, according to Josh, is the User Scene Control. Savant removes the need to have an integrator come to your home to make simple changes every time you want to change to a scene that has been created. It is all created and controlled through the app by the homeowner.

“Almost anything can be automated within the limits of the product itself. Garage doors, HVAC, security systems, lighting, doors, gates, locks and swimming pool control are a few of the more popular ones,” he says. “You wouldn’t think that something which was meant to control audio and video could be so elaborate and inclusive.”

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One of the advantages of home automation is having one app that controls everything. For instance, through the Savant app, homeowners can control every aspect of their home technology on any device. It has an added benefit of giving homeowners the ability to monitor their home while they are away or give friends or family access through a garage door or lock control system with a touch of a button.

In 2019, other trends include products becoming more accessible as the average price drops, voice control features that are more responsive and simpler to use, kitchen and bath technology like self-cleaning toilets and refrigerators that read their own contents in order to create a shopping list and more scheduled automation.

“With the ever-growing world of technology, home automation is no longer just a luxury,” Josh says. “The cost of automating your home can be scaled down to fit your needs and then grow with you and your family’s needs.”

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