Audiovisual Systems for Corporate Environments by Vox Audio Visual

Audiovisual Systems for Corporate Environments

Alfalfa Electric Cooperative of Cherokee Oklahoma


Alfalfa Electric Cooperative knew what they wanted for their new headquarters when they chose Vox Audio Visual of Oklahoma City. Staff, board members, and management had visited electric cooperatives throughout Oklahoma and Kansas. The new building contains a 16’ wide by 9’ tall custom video wall to display the real-time conditions of the power grid and the location of their field workers. The large video display is contained within an interior bunker designed to withstand an F-5 tornado. From that bunker, issues with the grid can be resolved quickly by having more visual information available to operators to dispatch their maintenance crews during outages.

Alfalfa Electric Cooperative new headquarters featuring custom video wall by Vox Audio Visual

Alfalfa Electric Cooperative's new headquarters featuring a custom video wall by Vox Audio Visual.


In addition to the impressive control and dispatch center, the building was fully automated by Vox Audio Visual with a new SAVANT control system. Conference rooms, the training center, boardroom, and even the gym for linemen are controlled via touch-sensitive panels which control lighting, audio, displays, and other conditions throughout the building.
Automated corporate building controls featuring Savant Control Systems by Vox Audio Visual.



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